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Workshops with
Natalia Ochoa & David Palo

Natalia Ochoa

Coming from a family deeply rooted in Tango, her connection with these roots is the very essence of her being. For Natalia Ochoa, Tango has been, as they say in Argentina, "a daily thing" that naturally and joyfully led to an enriched professional career. As a child, she would wear her father's old tango shoes and, laughing, learn the fundamental steps to the melody of Ricardo Tanturi's "Una Emotion". From the start, Natalia stood out for her technical perfectionism, spending hours with her father perfecting the basics: walking, balance, and posture. She studied classical and contemporary dance to excel in every movement. At the age of 14, she began teaching with her father at various universities and was invited to different places around the world to participate in tango events, accumulating over 25 years of experience as a tango teacher. For 20 years, she has lived in Europe, dedicated to spreading tango culture. Her Women's Technique Workshop has become famous throughout the European continent. Her expertise covers both female and male roles, teaching both techniques across Europe. With over 30 years immersed in Tango, Natalia Ochoa not only brings culture, technique, and excellence but her fantastic journey continues. Despite her career, she continues to study and evolve constantly. Ten years ago, she founded the captivating Roma Tango Festival and manages La Gardel school, located in the historic Testaccio district of eternal Rome. Her story is a continuous symphony of Tango in motion.

David Palo

David is a multifaceted artist with 20 years of experience in dance and teaching. He has danced in the world's most prestigious theaters, integrating award-winning shows acclaimed by both the public and the press. He has also shared his knowledge at top tango festivals on all five continents. His work in the tango field led him to delve into social and stage tango. He directed and choreograph shows in Argentina and abroad and teaches in milongas and academies with his didactic and focused teaching style rooted in tango salon.


Saturday, 12.10.2024, 11:00 - 12:30

Dynamic Movement and new interpretati

  • Uncover the potential within each step and movement

  • Learn to reformulate and modify base structures with dynamic movements

  • Achieve desired effects through creative adjustments

Sunday, 13.10.2024, 11:00 - 12:30

Building Sequences and Improvisation Lab

  • Deconstruct the basic elements of Tango to construct sequential structures

  • Engage in an improvisation laboratory to enhance creativity

  • Ignite your artistic spark with exercises designed to awaken creativity

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