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DJane Iskra Strateva (BUL / CH)

Soy de ese barrio de humilde rango, yo soy el tango sentimental. -  Cadicamo, "Tres esquinas"

"I am passionate about tango, which I see as a culture, not just a dance or just music. A culture that has long history and roots I cherish and learn about but also a culture in constant development which I also want to help popularize. I love creating the atmosphere on the dance floor, helping the dancers find each other, connect and share their emotions thought the music and the embrace. I love the music of the 30ies and 40ies and I look for ways to incorporate meaning into the tandas I create on the spot: I like my tandas to tell stories, to help you share the precious moments of the embrace."

DJ Francesco Cieschi (IT)

"I am an Italian dancer, teacher, performer and DJ based in Berlin. In the last twelve years I have been active in Europe, Asia and South America, working with many prominent artist personalities at the most famous tango events. I have built an international reputation among the hottest tango DJs. My sets are based on a repertoire of songs from the 'Epoca de Oro'. My knowledge of the music and my understanding of the successful composition of tandas enable me to play energetic sets full of joy and passion."
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DJ David Palo (ARG)

"I am a 'Porteño' and a dancer. I embody the tango as it is: romantic and sweet. I want to touch and enchant with my choice of music. I want to create an atmosphere that leaves you with the feeling of having spent an evening in a wonderful dream that you want to savor until the last second."
DJane Natalia Ochoa (ARG)

"I am a passionate and energetic Tango DJane who has a deep understanding of the genre. My style is captivating and evocative, I create an emotive and immersive atmosphere that invites dancers to dive into the passion and rhythm of Tango. With my careful music selection and the ability to read the audience, I create memorable experiences on the dance floor, bleding the tradition of Tango with contemporary sounds for a unique, thrilling experience."

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